Everest Craft Co-op Family

Division of Everest Biopharma International Inc.

Everest Craft JV Partnership

Everest Craft Co-op will significantly reduce co packing service costs, with Export Opprortinities

Everest Biopharma, with a COR to secure a standard processing license applicant, is also seeking a US JV partner looking for global cannabis opportunities. 

Industry Standard Fees:

Annual processing & labelling costs $577,500

350kg Dry processed cost =$577,500

Processing: $1.00/g

Packaging and labelling: $0.65/g

Everest Craft Joint Venture Partnership Savings:

Save up to $260,000 per annum

350kg Dry processed cost =$315,000

Processing: $0.70/g

Packaging and labelling: $0.20/g

Become part of our Craft Co-op and save on co packing  costs:

Benefits of joining the Everest Craft Family

up to 45% Total cost savings

100% of profits quickly paid after the sale

Pre-sales available through Everest International Export partners

Have Influence over sales process

Grow your own brand or sell under Everest's brands

We take care of your cannabis through our unique sales channels

Confirmed Priority Scheduling

We want to grow successfully with you and your brand