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Everest seeking US JV partner --Global Cannabis Opportunities  using Everest as a Canadian exporter while US continues federal prohibition.


Producers in Canada exported 15.6 tons of dried cannabis flower and at least 7.3 kiloliters of cannabis oils and extracts during 2020. "This likely means that Canada is the single largest exporter of cannabis flower and oil in the world,” as reported by Prohibition Partners.”

Although several large US companies have recently made a foray directly into global export markets, there are opportunities using a Canadian exporter such as Everest BioPharma International Inc. in the interim period before the US removes the federal prohibition allowing exports.

This is how the JV model with Everest works:

  • The US company owns the brands/trademarks for sale in the global markets to sell Everest's Canadian craft premium flower processed at its facility here in Canada (after EU-GMP certification).
  • In the interim, in anticipation of US federal legalization, the US company grows global market share, establishes brand awareness and registers it trademarks in the global export markets.
  • The US company is paid the profits of the export sales, Everest is paid its industry standard processing fees and their craft farmer members are paid for their product.
  • After US federal cannabis legalization and removal of prohibition the US company sells its US sourced product directly into the global markets using its already established market share and brands.
  • In addition to service revenues for the export markets, Everest will simultaneously earn valuable domestic market service revenues.
  • And the US JV partner will share in the profits of all service revenues with a high gross margin

Interested in creating a competitive advantage over your US competitors during the interim before US legalization?  That is  without spending many millions of dollars in each global market.

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EBC application

Press Release

February 23, 2021

Everest BioPharma Gains Eligible Business Corporation Status allowing for 30% tax credit for BC investors. Adding value to its COR Approval from HEALTH CANADA.

Pile of unfinished documents on office desk, Stack of businesspaper

Press Release

May 16th, 2019

Everest Biopharma Gains COR Approval from Health Canada for the same category of  Cannabis Extraction licence As Competitors MediPharm Labs and Valens.