Everest Biopharma International Inc.

with Everest US JV PARTNER

Everest Biopharma (Medical Exports)

Everest Biopharma International Inc. comprises two divisions; Everest Craft Family (Canadian Domestic Medical and Retail markets) and Everest Biopharma (International Medical).

Export Markets and US Joint Venture Partner

With the imminent standard processing and medical sales licence  and also eventual EU GMP certification in conjunction with its intended US JV Partner  will execute export marketing plans to providing its foreign import partners with access to pristine Canadian quality GACP flower supplied by its craft Co Op members.

Everest is presently working with its its international regulatory certification service provider to obtain EU GMP certification.

Everest will also assist it's co-op members by working for them to be GACP certified for exports of their flower.