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Biopharma International Inc.

with Everest Craft Family Division

Cannabis Processing, Co-Packing, Export & Medical Sales License


Everest seeking US JV partner --Global Cannabis Opportunities  using Everest as a Canadian exporter while US continues federal prohibition.



To Provide the Best Services with Highest $ Returns

Lowest processing costs

Export market access

Highest return

Consistent quality

About Everest

Everest BioPharma International Inc. (with a "COR") is a Canadian cannabis processing service company, with a Craft Co-op model to service it's members in co-packing requirements and provide export marketing opportunities through it's EU GMP certification.  Everest a R&D CBD medical project continues to proceed to obtain valuable IP.

We are a tightly held BC private Company,  seeking a US JV partner using high value BC product to obtain global market share in the interim before US prohibition is removed.

Everest BioPharma International Inc. is also a registered eligible business corporation with the BC treasury allowing for a 30% tax credit on monies invested.