JV Processing

Everest Biopharma International Inc.

Processing JV Partnership

Everest is a late stage standard processing license applicant (COR) and is targeting cultivators (without processing licenses) for a minimal equity investment in Everest, in return for a >30% discount on processing fees.

In addition, these JV partners will obtain priority scheduling for their processing and a  dividend payment, plus a 30% EBC tax credit.

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The Joint Venture Process:

  • Grow, Trim, Dry and Test your top quality flower, ready to send for processing and sale.


  •  Close a Joint Venture Agreement with Everest including, packaging, labelling, and product SKUs.


  • Everest will process, package and sell your products to the provincial liquor boards.


  • Everest will sell your products through it's various distribution channels (ie. Provincial Liquor boards, Medical Market, etc.)


  • Everest Craft can also process and sell your trim.


Swifty Bagger Mini and Primo Combi weigh filler

Packaging Equipment

Everest uses leading edge equipment to package your flower as efficiently as possible . Automated packaging systems reduce error, preserve product freshness, and minimize chance of microbial contamination. This prevents product recall from packaging and labelling. Also ensures consistent high quality standards.

Your JV Partnership could also include sales of Solventless Cannabis product!

We want to grow successfully with you and your brand.

Everest, as a late stage standard processing license applicant, has a limited number of joint venture partnership opportunities for cultivators. To participate as a joint venture partner for a small equity investment, please contact us below.