Everest Biopharma International Inc.

Corporate Development

Everest’s investment objectives are to provide shareholders with dividends and long-term returns through capital appreciation by building and operating a licensed cannabis processing facility to serve the extended cannabis value chain. It is a private company being restrictively funded by its founders, qualified investors, friends and family, and close business associates.

The Corporation will capitalize on existing expertise and experience from the existing team in previously setting up state of the art biotechnology laboratories, technical qualifications in biochemistry, standard operating procedures, and strict regulatory compliance as well as project management, business, accounting and finance expertise, and 5 years of consulting experience in the Canadian legal cannabis industry. The team also includes experience in US technical startup in the uranium industry which also requires strict regulatory compliance with sophisticated SOPs, including extensive knowledge of public companies - their establishment, listings, and reporting.

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The rollout strategy


This stage is complete. The company’s Health Canada application was prepared in early 2018 and submitted in June and Everest has received its "Certificate of Readiness" in writing from Health Canada. The company is preparing construction plans and engineering for the facility and sourcing Cannabis suppliers. Preparation is underway for a sales and marketing program including trademarks, packaging, and introductory networking. An extensive suite of SOPs is being considered by the Quality Assurance Person in Charge. This phase has been funded by the company founders.


This phase is underway. The physical premises, a newly constructed industrial building in Kelowna BC, has been secured by a commercial lease with the owner Mr. Rob Hatch, a major shareholder and director. The main processing equipment has been ordered from Vitalis, a leading manufacturer. Ancillary laboratory and processing equipment is being sourced and priced. The company has selected a contractor who can complete the build out according to the Health Canada application and European GMP specifications for Canadian processing and sales, and to allow for exports to countries such as Germany. This phase has been funded by the company founders.


This phase has begun. Leasehold improvements will be constructed and the equipment has been acquired and installed. Operations will commence with the purchase of raw materials, and execution of the company’s sales and marketing strategy, and the use of already prepared marketing communication materials. Also, all standard operating procedures, both scientific and business, will be implemented and tested to demonstrate effectiveness. Additional investment/funding is being accumulated privately In Trust for this final phase.