Everest Biopharma International Inc.

with Everest Craft Family Division

We're expecting our Standard Processing License in Q3 2022

As of April 19, 2022 Health Canada will issue a sales amendment for sale of dried flower class cannabis products to all processing license holders allowing Everest to sell immediately after license grant

Allow Everest to process Cannabis for our JV Craft Family cultivation license members (without processing licenses) and sell dried products to provincial liquor boards.

Pay quarterly dividends to Everest Shareholders.

Allow Everest to export its specially formulated medical products, and sell to the Canadian Medical Market, such as Shoppers Drug Mart.

Allow Everest to create formulations of CBD/THC to meet the consumer's needs.

Allow Everest to obtain an R&D license for developing valuable Intellectual Property based on novel product formulations.

Advantages of a standard processing license

The company’s license for processing will authorize related activities, including possession, transportation, research and development, storage, destruction, and the sale of cannabis to other federal licence holders or provincially-authorized sellers (Liquor boards).

Everest will also receive a Medical Sales License with it's standard processing license allowing them to sell products in the Canadian Medical market.

The Standard Processing License also permits the import and export of cannabis for medical purposes, and transfer between cannabis licensees in Canada. Everest is currently in discussion with export partners and intends to provide its coop members with access to the export market.

Because the company’s business model is expected to produce revenue and profits in a short time, attractive returns via dividends are planned.

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