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Our Processing Operations

Following an evaluation of numerous extraction machines, Everest has opted for the latest Pure Pressure extraction technology in thee US.

This innovative technology uses ice water to agitate the cannabis plant materials (trim and flower) in either the dry, wet or frozen from using ice to produce hash. We will also utilise automated rosen machines from Pure Pressure.

The agitation process involves first freezing the trichomes on the plant surface that produce the cannabinoids which make them drop off the flower and then separating them out using a sieve. Once extracted the trichomes are dried and then can be further processed or can be used without any additional processing when manufacturing edibles as cannabinoids are oil soluble.

pure pressure
live rosin

As there is no use of any hydrocarbons in the extraction process Everest will be able to achieve Organic Certification which is a critical part of Everests long term sustainable competitive advantage. This will allow Everest to produce various types of end products including a high terpene full spectrum extract and more in large scale volume equal to its competitors. With our refined substance versatility, more customers will be driven to Everest in order to fulfill their own customers varying product requirements. Everest decided to focus mainly on this technology as it has huge product throughput, it will also generate organic products, which will meet the groundswell of demand for organically certified products and services.

Everest will focus mainly on ice water extraction to produce a pure hash, and dry sift technology to produce kief. This also creates significant product throughput; rated at 600 lbs a day with the lowest capital and operational costs of any present-day extraction.

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